Bubbaloo Bubble Gum - 60ct

Bubbaloo Bubble Gum - 60ct CandyStore.com
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Half liquid candy and half gumball!

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Product Details

A liquid center makes sure that you get a flavor sensation from your chewable confections! Bubbaloo Bubble Gum is half liquid candy and half gumball, available in classic bubblegum flavor or a sweet strawberry variation.

Pink bulk packaging in the timeless chewing-gum color reminds everyone how much they love this long-lasting treat, while mascot-based graphics make the countertop box packaging appealing to young eyes. Kids and adults enjoy Bubbaloo for the gush of the jelly center and the tasty texture of the bubblegum shell.

This wholesale box of individually-packaged Bubbaloo Bubble Gum pieces is perfect for parties and fundraising tables, but also great for stocking up on perfect bubblegum treats at home. If you're one of those who likes a chewy dessert to your lunches or something to munch on your commute, you'll love Bubbaloo!

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Flavor List

Bubblegum and Strawberry.

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