Bubble Gum Cigarettes Candy - 24ct

Bubble Gum Cigarettes Candy - 24ct CandyStore.com
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Nostalgic, fun novelty candy shaped like cigarettes, packaged in a mock cigarette box, perfect for parties, favors, and gifts.

Price per pack: $1.54

Product Details

Good Golly! These 1950s inspired Bubblegum Cigarettes are the perfect addition to a retro party. Puff on these as a chewy and healthier alternative to the regular variety. Their bubble blowing, chewy goodness and light, bubblegum flavor are a treat for your mouth.

And their pretty pink coloring make them a perfect match for any occasion. Have a friend who's calling it quits? Need realistic and yummy props for a school play? Having a get together in a non-smoking environment? Get a package of these to do it all. With 24 bubblegum cigarettes per pack, you'll be puffing in the deliciousness all day long.

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