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Candy crystals and bubble gum is a winning combination in these cool jugs of sweet goodness

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Dive into the playful world of Bubble Jugs, a whimsical twist on traditional bubblegum that's taking candy stores by storm! Each Bubble Jug begins its journey as a charming pink plastic jug, complete with a convenient handle and a twist-off cap, making it a delightful discovery for the senses. Not only does the jug hint at the fun within, but it also serves as a unique keepsake for bubblegum enthusiasts.

When you untwist the cap, you're greeted with a treasure trove of candy-gum tucked inside. Pour a handful and watch the magic happen as the powder candy transforms into chewy bubblegum right in your mouth! It's a captivating two-in-one experience that marries the joy of a sweet treat with the classic pastime of bubblegum, creating memories with every chew.

Bubble Jugs aren't just an innovative candy; they're an interactive adventure. Unlike traditional pieces or sticks of gum, each jug contains a delightful powder that morphs into bubblegum as you chew, adding an element of surprise that's both novel and nostalgic. Our bulk Bubble Jugs box offers an ample supply, ensuring you have enough for any event. These jugs are perfect for enlivening party favors, offering as prizes in games, or using in classroom activities to spark joy and excitement.

And the fun of Bubble Jugs extends beyond the candy store. They make for exceptional stocking stuffers or Easter basket fillers, with their eye-catching packaging and unique candy-to-gum experience. Children and adults alike will be enchanted by the cool container and the innovative treat inside. Plus, the ability to reseal the jug means you can enjoy this delightful bubblegum on the go, whenever the craving strikes.

Choose Bubble Jugs for a bulk candy purchase that promises to deliver not just flavor but a unique experience. Each jug is a conversation starter, a pocket-sized party, and a testament to the playful innovation that candy stores can offer. Whether you're looking to sweeten up a gathering, reward an accomplishment, or just indulge in a bit of whimsy, Bubble Jugs are your ticket to a bubbly, giggle-inducing good time.

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Flavor List

Tropical Fruit or Watermelon.

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