Bubble Tape Original - 6ct

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Exciting and fun Bubble Tape bubblegum!

2 ounces per unit

Price per pack: $4.17

Product Details

Forget about boring sticks of chewing gum when you can have exciting Bubble Tape bubblegum! This childhood favorite was introduced in 1980 and became hugely popular during the 1990s. There are many reasons to try Bubble Tape.

It tastes so sweet and comes in a fun plastic clam shell case. Pop open the case lid to find six feet of bubblegum ribbon coiled into a large roll. Unroll as much or as little as you want and chew the day away! Our bulk Bubble Tape box gives you larger quantities for events, holidays and gatherings. Give them out as prizes at community and school events or use them to fill up your birthday treat bags.

Bubble Tape also makes a great choice when searching for Halloween candy or stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Hide a box of Bubble Tape at home so you can surprise the kids with this one-of-a-kind bubblegum when they're behaving!

SKU: F315071R

2 ounces per unit

Flavor List

Original, Strawberry, Triple Treat or Cotton Candy.

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