Gimbals Jelly Beans Bubblegum - 10lb

Gimbals Jelly Beans Bubblegum - 10lb
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Gimbal's Fine Candies has done it again with the bubblegum jellybean! This popular candy maker has been producing a huge selection of gourmet treats for over four generations.

Ever since the Gimbal Candy Kitchen was founded in 1898, customers have flocked to the brand, hungry for their high quality sweets. Gimbal's jelly beans are one of their most famous products.

Once you try these delectable little candy beans, it's easy to see why they are the preferred brand of many! If you love the classic taste of bubblegum, then you'll savor the sweet taste of Gimbals' bubblegum jellybeans. Each piece includes a small pink oval shaped like a real bean!

The center is solid and full of chewy confection while the outside offers a well-polished look. Every piece is solid pink with a hint of smooth shine. Our bulk bubblegum jelly bean pack gives you a large quantity of your favorite flavor so you never have to pick individual beans out of an assortment!

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