Chocolate Bulk Candy Mix - 5lb

Chocolate Bulk Candy Mix - 5lb
  • $31.99

Deliciously varied mix of chocolate bulk candy!

48 pieces per pound

Price per pounds: $6.40

Product Details

Get all the chocolaty goodness you can handle in this bulk candy mix! Our chocolate assortment includes a generous quantity of confections. There's Reece's Cups, mini Hershey bars, Starburst, Jolly Ranchers and assorted taffy. Each piece is individually wrapped so it stays fresh and delicious. Grab a handful and get the perfect mix of chewy and sweet for snack time or special occasions!

This practical chocolate bulk candy mix is perfect for events and special occasions. Use them to get a variety of candy for treat bags or party favors. Just toss a handful in a favor box or bag and you have a gift your guests will enjoy! Keep a package in your pantry so your candy dish never goes empty or use to fill up the candy jar at work. Chocolate and taffy makes a tasty snack that's easy to pack in lunches or in your purse or pocket!

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48 pieces per pound

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