Bumble Bees Chocolates - 40ct

  • $44.99

Delightful solid milk chocolate bumble bees with smiling faces wrapped in Italian foil, perfect for party favors, gifts, décor, or individual sale.

Price per unit: $1.12

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It is impossible to look at Bumble Bees Chocolates and not crack a smile. These are definitely one of the cutest candies here on CandyStore. com, and truly suitable for a wide variety of occasions. The second you look at the bee-designed foil wrapper you are inspired to take a closer look. Of course, as soon as your taste buds know there is chocolate inside they start dancing, and before you know it you're pulling away that pretty wrapper you were just admiring.

Bumble Bees Chocolates are all individually wrapped, so use them to fill grab bags at a birthday party or baby shower. They are also perfect to use to fill a candy dish at home or the office. Unlike summer's buzzing insect that can have a mean side, these tasty treats are nothing but sweet!

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