Bunny Corn Jelly Belly - 10lb

Bunny Corn Jelly Belly - 10lb CandyStore.com
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Price per pound: $5.60

Product Details

Shaped like candy corn, but in beautiful colors of yellow, purple and pink, these Bunny Corn Jelly Belly candies are show-stoppers when it comes to a beautiful and delicious treat. Put a hop in your step with an order of Bunny Corn Jelly Belly candies!

If Easter or spring is right around the bend, order some Bunny Corn Jelly Belly candies to bring home and share with Easter dinner guests, avid Easter egg hunters, or to have your kids leave out for the Easter Bunny himself! The pastel colors will immediately make your snack time springy and your Easter holiday more special. Now, hop to it and order some today!


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