Butterfinger - Giant Size - 12ct

Butterfinger - Giant Size - 12ct CandyStore.com
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You have never tasted a Butterfinger candy bar as good as this!

Price per bar: $3.58

Product Details

You have never tasted a Butterfinger candy bar as good as this! Our giant sized Butterfinger takes your favorite chocolate treat and makes it even bigger. Each bar is inspired by the original full sized Butterfinger.

It's wider and longer, like a classic chocolate bar. Each starts with smooth milk chocolate that's combined with pieces of the flaky peanut butter center that you usually find inside the regular bars.

Why buy just one giant Butterfinger when you can buy many? Our bulk Butterfinger giant size bars gives you more individually wrapped chocolate treats to enjoy or share. Save them to eat as a quick snack on a busy day or break apart and serve over ice cream sundaes.

Giant size Butterfingers also make great party favors and stocking stuffers! Few gifts are as tasty as this one-of-a-kind confection. Whether you're serving a crowd or just looking for a delicious snack, our bulk giant Butterfinger candy bars will be a big hit!

Certified Kosher Candy

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