Cadbury Caramello Chocolate Bars - 14ct

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Pamper your taste buds with Cadbury Caramello bars!

3.5 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $4.21

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Product Details

Bite size pieces of pure bliss is what you enjoy with this bulk supply of Cadbury Caramello Chocolate Bars. Each of the bars has 18 individual squares that are easy to break or cut apart.

So, you can serve them to your guests on a tray for dessert, if you can bring yourself to share. Although originated in the United Kingdom, today The Hershey Company has a license to manufacture the divine line of Cadbury products in the United States.

Whether you buy them in America or the UK, they are the same mouthwatering, melt-in-your-mouth bars of delicious goodness. Decadent milk chocolate is poured over creamy caramel and hardened.

So, although the chocolate is firm on the outside, when you bite into them the gooey caramel comes oozing out. Your taste buds will be dancing. These large Cadbury Caramello Chocolate Bars make great stocking stuffers or last minute gifts for coworkers.

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3.5 ounces per bar

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