Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate Bars - 14ct

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Pamper your taste buds with Cadbury Royal Dark bars!

Price per bar: $4.21

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Pamper your taste buds with the delectable taste of Cadbury Royal Dark chocolate bars! This exquisite confection features a blend of sugar, cocoa butter, milk fat and more to produce one of the smoothest, most irresistible chocolate bars available.

Each generously sized dark chocolate bar includes individual square portions that can be bitten or broken off so you can eat as much as you like and save the rest for later!

Our bulk Cadbury Royal Dark candy pack include many individually wrapped bars that are perfect for gift giving, holidays and much more. Each includes the royal purple wrapper with Cadbury's elegant logo and silver foil. It's a worthy presentation for such a rich treat!

Give Cadbury Royal Dark as stocking stuffers or hand them out as special thank you gifts to friends, loved ones or colleagues. Decorate cakes by shaving pieces of Royal Dark and sprinkling on top or save them as a satisfying snack when you're craving fabulous dark chocolate!

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