Candy Buttons - Wrapped - 24ct

  • $45.99

Small candy buttons come on a sheet with three different types of flavors!

Price per pack: $1.92

Product Details

Candy buttons are so fun. These candies look like small buttons and they come on a sheet with three different types of flavors. Some of the great flavors that you can expect are lemon, lime, and cherry. You will also find that the colors that you get are nice with these as well. The colors are yellow, blue, and cherry.

You can eat these just the way that they are or you can use this sweet candy in order to decorate a dessert with. There is nothing more fun than having a sheet where you can take off the buttons and pick out the colors that you want off of the sheet. This is fun for kids but adults will be able to enjoy it as well. Each sheet is wrapped individually which is convenient. If you want to find a great treat that you are able to please everyone with then this is certainly the treat for you.

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