Candy Cane Candy Corn - 5lb

Candy Cane Candy Corn - 5lb
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Price per pound: $3.20

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Candy cane corn is a delicious treat that takes a fall favorite and turns it into a festive Christmas confection! Most people recognize the familiar color and shape of classic candy corn.

While the original typically favors autumn hues, our candy cane corn adds a touch of holiday cheer with bright red! Each piece includes the famous cone shape with a flat bottom and tapered tip in white. The bottom is also white with a band of bright red separating the two! Bulk candy corn will give you large quantities for parties, events and more.

Keep a package on hand so you always have something sweet to put in candy dishes for guests. Our candy cane corn is also an inexpensive choice when filling the office candy jar! Add them to your winter candy buffet or use them to make tasty party favors for Christmas parties. They are even elegant enough to include in wedding favors with a holiday theme!


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