Bobs Mint Canes - 96ct Tub

Bobs Mint Canes - 96ct Tub
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Candy canes are a must-have for the winter holidays. This classic candy features a cane shaped piece of white hard candy with a sweet peppermint flavor. Each piece includes an elegant ribbon of red, one solid and another in slender pairs like a pinstripe.

The effect is charming and gives each candy cane a decorative look that's perfect for hanging on Christmas trees or using as a stocking stuffer. Bob's Mint Canes offer excellent flavor and a smooth texture. Each arrives individually wrapped in clear plastic so you can admire the festive red striping that wrap around every side.

Our bulk candy cane tub gives you larger quantities that are convenient for Christmas parties, tree decorating and large families. You can turn them into a fun winter craft for kids by transforming each into a reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers and googly eyes. Even if it isn't winter time, you can still get your peppermint fix with Bob's Mint Canes!


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