Candy Charm Necklace Love Beads - 24ct

Candy Charm Necklace Love Beads - 24ct
  • $10.99

Candy necklace with a heart-shaped candy medallion charm!

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Fine jewelry doesn't have anything on these Candy Love Beads Necklaces. Made out of sweet, subtle hard candies strung on elastic, these fun candies can be munched on and worn! Plus, in their light pastel hues, they're a lovely edible addition to any outfit.

Having a princess-themed party? Want to make a bachelorette party even more fun? Bring home some Candy Love Beads Necklaces and you'll be able to make any girly event more enjoyable. Put some into a pinata, set some out on a table with Ring Pops and other edible accessories and you'll have a fun snack that everyone will love.

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