Candy Necklace - 72ct

Candy Necklace - 72ct
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Maybe diamonds and pearls are out of reach, but these Candy Necklaces sure are divine! With a hard candy crunch, pastel color palette and elastic band that stretches so you can wear these little morsels before you eat them, our Candy Necklaces are a glamorous and fun treat for all.

Surprise your significant other with a jewelry box full of these Candy Necklaces on April Fool's Day or just because. It's a funny sweet treat that she'll laugh about as she munches. You can also bring these Candy Necklaces home to use for a party, stuff into a piñata, use for gifts at a bachelorette party or to keep around to throw into gift baskets and more. The good news is that since these Candy Necklaces come in such a large bulk container, you'll have enough to do it all!

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