Candy Necklaces - Unwrapped 100ct

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Everybody loves candy necklaces!

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Show me a kid and I will show you someone that loves candy necklaces. There is just something about colorful jewelry that you can eat that puts a smile on everyone's face. First there is the color of the candy necklace the entire rainbow of the spectrum in represented and each color has a unique and delicious taste. One bite can be grape the next can be orange. All kids love variety and this is one of the best kind.

Candy necklaces also provide a whole lot of convenience because it is worn around the neck and it is a very short tug to pull a necklace to your mouth and crunch a little bit of candy goodness. It is a lot like carrying a snack to power you through the day. When you need a burst of sugar just take a bite, until it is gone. These treats are great for parties of any kind and all kids just simply love to wear and eat candy necklaces!

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