Skulls Coated - 17lb Case

Skulls Coated - 17lb Case
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Skulls coated candy is a tasty treat with a devious personality!

Price per pound: $3.76

Product Details

Skulls coated candy is a tasty treat with a devious personality. Set the tone for any event by dishing out these unsettlingly sweet skulls! Each piece include a round top and narrow bottom, creating the look of a cranium and jaw.

The face is hauntingly simple, with a pair of round eyes and a small triangle nose. Each piece is flat so it's perfect for decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods.

Along with a unique shape, our coated skulls come in a rainbow of fun colors. Each is smothered in a sleek candy coating that adds eye-catching shine and delicious texture. Our assortment features green, orange, blue, black and red.

Use them to make themed treats for a pirate party or make them part of this year's Halloween candy! Our bulk skulls coated candy package gives you large quantities so you can find more ways to enjoy these creepy little skeleton faces.

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