Gourmet Chocolate & Caramel Truffles - 6lb

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Gourmet chocolate truffles from Asher's. Choose your filling!

30 truffles per pound (180 total)

Price per pound: $15.33

Product Details

If you adore chocolate and caramel, the caramel truffle are the ultimate treat for you! This delectable confection combines two rich, savory ingredients into one gourmet candy. Each piece includes an elegant shape that adds to the eating experience. The bottom is flat with smooth, rounded sides that include angular edges. The top is flat with a white chocolate tulip raised at the center, complete with petal detail.

Bulk caramel truffles give you large quantities for snacking or celebrations. Keep them in the pantry as a quick snack when you're craving something with a little class (and a lot of sweetness). Or share them with guests.

These charming truffles look fabulous when displayed on platters or trays with cookies and other desserts. Use them to fill out a gourmet gift basket or add to this year's stocking stuffer candy. Decadent caramel truffles are a delicious candy for any season or event!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: Y337915

30 truffles per pound (180 total)

Flavor List

  • Grand Marnier (with dark chocolate)
  • French Mint (dark chocolate)
  • Chocolate (dark chocolate)
  • Caramel (milk chocolate)
  • Espresso (milk chocolate)

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