Champagne Bubbles - 10lb

Champagne Bubbles - 10lb
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A unique taste experience with class!

202 bubbles per pound

Price per pound: $9.00

Product Details

Champagne Bubbles candy offer a unique taste experience with class! These tasty little morsels include a chewy gummy center with a bubbly candy coating that adds a light crunch to every bite. Each piece is shaped like classic gumdrops, but with gentle color.

No one can resist the combination of sweet flavors that comes with our high quality Champagne Bubbles candy! Now it's even easier to get Champagne Bubbles for weddings, showers, parties and other important events! Our bulk Champagne Bubbles candy are available so you can order as many pounds as you need to serve any number of guest Ð whether you're hosting an event with 25, 50 or 500 attendees!

Pour Champagne Bubbles into a glass candy dish or dress them up in a sachet with ribbon to give as a thoughtful party or wedding favor. Everyone will love the look and taste of these dainty champagne-inspired candies! Each piece is super sweet and completely alcohol-free so they are great for children as well!

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202 bubbles per pound

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