Candy Charm Bracelets - 48ct

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Wear stylish candy charm bracelets before you eat it!

48 pieces per box

Price per bracelet: $0.37

Product Details

Candy charm bracelets lets children and adults wear their candy before they eat it! This is one of the most popular confections often found at holiday events, birthday parties and other kid-friendly celebrations. Each includes an elastic cord that can conform to the size of most wrists.

Each length supports a length of disc-shaped candies in varying colors. One end includes a large candy pendant in a matching hue. Candy jewelry is a fun way to fill treat bags! Give them out during Valentine's Day or make picnics and family reunions more fun for the children with tasty wearable candy!

Our bulk candy charm bracelets include a large quantity so you can accommodate a crowd of almost any size. Keep a package on hand at home so you have something to give any visitors that happen by. Each candy charm bracelet is made with high quality ingredients and include pastel shades of pink, yellow, green and white.

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48 pieces per box

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