Charms Blow Pops Minis - 12ct

Charms Blow Pops Minis - 12ct
  • $30.99

Same candy flavors & delicious bubblegum chew, but without the stick!

3.5 ounces per pack

Price per pop: $2.58

Product Details

Awwww! These little cuties are some of the most delicious miniatures of a traditional candy that we've found! We're talking about our amazing Charms Blow Pops Minis and think you'll find them to be adorable too once you take a look and a bite.

Packed with the same hard candy flavors, delicious bubblegum chew, but without the stick and in a teeny, tiny hard candy form, these munchkins are a delicious treat to enjoy when you have a small sweet tooth you'd like to satisfy. Pop one into your mouth and enjoy as the fruity flavors melt away and leave you with a chewy morsel of pink bubblegum, or chew them up from the start! Whatever you do, we're sure you'll love these delicious candies.

SKU: U326112

3.5 ounces per pack

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