Charms Sour Balls Tins - 12ct

Charms Sour Balls Tins - 12ct
  • $83.99

6 Flavors of Charms sour candy balls in a convenient tin!

12 ounces per tin

Price per tin: $7.00

Product Details

When it comes to making friends, candy is a great ice breaker. Choosing the right candy will determine how successful you are at this endeavor. Charms Sour Balls are definitely the right candy. These delicious hard candy treats make the young happy and the old nostalgic. There is a power in the sour ball that will win friends because it is the perfect combination of both sweet and sour that appeal to everyone.

They come in cherry, grape, lemon, lime and of course orange. When you see a tin of these delicious treats, you can't help think of Christmas and other celebrations. Once a can is open it is nearly impossible to stop the smiles and good times. With a whole tin of this candy on your side, you will be able to win a whole lot of new friends and in the end, would you want to be friends with someone who didn't like Charms Sour Balls?

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K335720

12 ounces per tin

Flavor List

Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, Lime, Pineapple, and Lemon.

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