Chewy Giant SweeTarts - 36ct

Chewy Giant SweeTarts - 36ct
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If you owned a candy factory then Chewy Giant Sweetarts are the kind of candy that you would make because they are delicious and they allow for delicious fun. Some people think that they are pretty tough when it comes to handling sweet and sour tastes. Most people have been tested on normal sized candy but that is not so. The real test comes from being able to eat this delicious sweet and sour treat that is not only delicious but giant as well.

If this didn't exist already then a kid would be able to invent it tomorrow because it would be a crime to deny the world of this awesome treat. This candy is based on the original Sweetarts which were small bite size candies that provided a normal candy enjoyment. Chewy Giant Sweetarts took this enjoyment and turned it into a giant sized treat that wraps the best of sweet and sour into one delicious and intoxications candy creation.

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