Chick-O-Stick Bars - 24ct

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Eat them by the inch or the foot!

Price per stick: $2.29

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Chewy. Salty. Sweet. Peanutty. What don't these Chick-O-Stick Bars have? These amazing and classic candies are full of roasted peanuts dusted with salt and pure sugar then sprinkled with coconut. Can we hear a "YUM!"

These candies also come in an original stick-like shape, so you can eat them by the inch or the foot if you so choose. Bring some of these fantastic Chick-O-Stick Bars home to your friends and family to stick into ice cream sundaes, dip into ice cream floats as a stirrer, munch on while you watch a movie or just to try something delicious and new. You won't regret ordering Chick-O-Stick Bars.

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