Chicklets Original Gum Assorted - 9900ct

Chicklets Original Gum Assorted - 9900ct
  • $169.99

Tiny, retro gum pieces in fruity flavors and rainbow shells offer a classic vending experience.

400 pieces per pound (9900 total)

Price per piece: $0.02

Product Details

Do you find yourself standing in line at the grocery store, looking at the gum selection, and feeling disappointed? You mumble under your breath - They just don't make gum like they used to! If you long for the classic gum of yesteryear, this bulk supply of Chicklets Gum Bits is for you.

What makes Chicklets Gum Bits so special? Well, we are glad you asked! See, Chicklets is actually a sap harvested from the sapodilla tree. In a nutshell, it is like a natural rubber, which is why it is the ultimate bubble blowing gum. It doesn't dissolve.

After WWII, Chicle became very scarce to find, so scientists created a synthetic resin to mimic the sap, which is what you find in modern day gum. Not these Chicklet Gum Bits though! These are made using a pine tree-based softener, making it gum a serious chewer can't resist.

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400 pieces per pound (9900 total)

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