Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Chips Candy - 3lb

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1600 pieces per pound

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Traditional Italian mints make a refreshingly different after-dinner sweet! Wholesale Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Chips are individually wrapped, flavored with a sharp hint of menthol, and finished with a toothsome texture that comes in between a crunchy sugar tablet and a jujube.

Restaurants looking for something different to offer diners will enjoy Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Chips, as will wedding planners working to vary the offerings of an icy-perfect candy buffet. Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Chips are reminiscent of pastiglie candies you may have tried on trips to Italy.

To the American palate, they're an especially novel form of after-dinner mint that will definitely be a hit with those who like their mints to make a flavor statement! Red and blue accents on these mint candies' white wrappers look colorfully elegant in a cut-glass bowl or tinted apothecary jar. Present with licorice and dark chocolates for a sophisticated flavor mix!

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1600 pieces per pound

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