Chipurnoi Glitterati Fruit Candy - 1.75lb

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800 pieces per bag

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All that glitters is gold. And in this case, all that glitters is also a delicious and special candy! This Chipurnoi Glitterati Fruit Candy comes in a variety of traditional and tropical flavors to please practically any palate. Plus, in all of its glittering glory, this Chipurnoi Glitterati Fruit Candy is also wrapped in pretty metallic wrappers which makes it as lovely to look at as scrumptious to eat.

If you need a candy to replace your current stash in household candy dishes, this Chipurnoi Glitterati Fruit Candy is fabulous choice. Stock yourself up for the holidays, plan a fantastic wedding reception with bowlfuls of this Chipurnoi Glitterati Fruit Candy, even order a bag to use as candy in Christmas stockings and more. This delicious, fruity candy is great for any event.

SKU: U1573379

800 pieces per bag

Flavor List

Fruit & Berry Medley - blackberry, strawberry, tangy orange, pear, and lemon

Tropical Fruit - passion fruit, pineapple, island melon, mandarin orange and guava

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