Chipurnoi Menta Fresca Puntini Candy - 3lb

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1600 pieces per bag

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Refresh your taste buds with the invigorating taste of Chipurnoi Menta Fresca Putini candy!

These international confections come individually wrapped in an attractive red or green accented wrapper with the Putini logo across the center. Untwist the ends and experience the cool, delicious taste of a true Italian mint.

Our Chipurnoi Menta Fresca Putini truly live up to the candy's "tender, uncommonly delicious" motto. Each piece is delightfully chewy and crafted with mint oils and a hint of sweet vanilla. Keep them at home so you always have an easy, refreshing snack or bring them to work to share with colleagues and clients.

Our bulk Chipurnoi Menta Fresca Putini candy also makes a great sweet treat for receptions, showers and more. Use them to fill wedding favors or add a few to a decorative bag to use as stocking stuffers on the holidays. Any occasion will be even better with the smooth, sweet taste of jujube mints!

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1600 pieces per bag

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