Choco Rocks Boulders - 5lb

  • $50.99

Little tiny boulders of rock-like chocolate candy!

Price per pound: $10.20

Product Details

You've heard of Choco Rocks, but what about Choco Boulders? These delicious candies offer tons of sweetness in a beautiful, edible rock. What makes Choco Rocks so fascinating is the way they recreate the look and shape of real stones.

If you want to add more variety to your cake decorating or candy making collection, this is a must-have ingredient! Sprinkle Choco Rocks on cookies, cakes and more and make guests think they are about to bite into real pebbles! Children absolutely love these chocolate rocks when used on construction themed cakes or cupcakes. You can keep things simple by pouring a handful into a bag or box to give away as a unique party or wedding favor.

Our bulk Choco Boulders contains a vibrant mix of styles, ranging from shimmering silver to sandstone and gold tones. Each piece includes that same realistic texture and rich chocolate flavor that makes Choco Rocks so yummy!

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