Chocolate Baseballs Mesh Bags - 24ct

Chocolate Baseballs Mesh Bags - 24ct
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A delicious pick-up item, foil-wrapped solid milk chocolate baseballs make great gifts and look great in a candy buffet.

Price per bag: $2.92

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Product Details

These sporty chocolate candies come in mesh bags that look similar to the bags often used to store tennis balls. Each piece is covered in a thin foil wrapper that's decorated to look like a realistic sports ball!

Chocolate sports balls in mesh bags are a delicious treat that arrives ready to eat or give! If you consider yourself an athlete or are planning an event with a sports theme, this is the perfect chocolate ball for you. Each piece is made of solid chocolate that's delightfully smooth. Let each bite melt on your tongue and smother your mouth in rich flavor!

Our chocolate sports balls in bulk feature a single design so you can easily choose the right ball for your celebration. Choose from footballs, tennis balls, golf balls, baseballs and soccer balls. Each includes bold color and classic seam and thread designs. Chocolate balls are a great choice for birthday party favors, baby showers and holidays!

Certified Kosher Candy


Flavor List

Basketballs, Baseballs, Tennis Balls, Soccer Balls, Footballs or Golf Balls.

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