Chocolate Chips - Large - 25lb

Chocolate Chips - Large - 25lb
  • $134.99

350 pieces per pound (8750 total)

Price per pound: $5.40

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Because plain cookies just aren't your thing, we have this huge quantity of milk chocolate chips for you! With hundreds of tiny, delicious chips per pound, you'll have a ton of baking, snacking, and topping to do.

Mix up a quadruple batch of your favorite cookie recipe and you'll still have plenty of chocolate chips to make every bite extra special. You can also use this bulk order of Large Chocolate Chips to use as toppings in a candy buffet bar or when you're assembling baking mixes as gifts for holidays. You may also keep them in your kitchen baking cabinet to enjoy by the handful when you need a sweet dose of chocolatey goodness.

SKU: F316013

350 pieces per pound (8750 total)

Flavor List

Milk or Semi-Sweet Chocolate.

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