Chocolate Cinnamon Bears - 27lb

Chocolate Cinnamon Bears - 27lb
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Give your taste buds a whole new flavor experience with our amazing chocolate cinnamon bears! These adorable candies are like two snacks in one. Have you ever eaten a red hot cinnamon gummy bear?

They are chewy, spicy and very satisfying! Now imagine taking that tangy teddy and smothering it in a layer of rich, smooth chocolate. That's what you get when you try our one-of-a-kind chocolate cinnamon bears! Each piece is an outer layer of chocolate surrounding a cinnamon gummy bear.

Liven things up by adding our chocolate cinnamon bears to your pantry. Enjoy them as a quick snack or save them for special occasions. They make a great conversation candy that guests will love.

Pour into bowls or the candy jar or use to fill party favors! Sneak them in as a surprise with other chocolate covered confections. Our bulk chocolate cinnamon bears includes large quantities that are perfect for gatherings of all sizes.

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