Chocolate Caramel Chocolates - 6lb

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There's vanilla caramel and there's chocolate caramel. These are the latter, covered in milk chocolate!

25 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $15.00

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Product Details

We did a double take when we first saw these Chocolate Covered Chocolate Caramels, too! That's because with a double dose of incredible chocolate in every square, these little morsels pack enough sweet, savory and melty deliciousness into every bite.

In either milk or dark chocolate, these Chocolate Covered Chocolate Caramels are an incredible treat. Order a bulk supply and you can make your very own Valentine's Day boxes for the people you love most. Or, you can be content to know that a yummy and spectacular treat awaits you whenever you need a sweet fix.

SKU: K333714

25 pieces per pound

Flavor List

Milk or Dark Chocolate

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