Chocolate-Covered Raisins - 5lb

Chocolate-Covered Raisins - 5lb
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If you love raisins and chocolate then your taste buds are going to be in heaven with these chocolate covered raisins. On the inside you will find nice plump raisins and on the outside is a nice milk chocolate coating. Adults and children will both be able to enjoy this sweet treat and are sure to be pleased with the way that it taste.

If you have a sweet tooth this is also the perfect way to handle it while also being able to take part in a bit of fruit. This will be great to use at parties, put in a gift bag or basket, or even add to homemade trail mix. You have a number of options with these and when you choose to order them in bulk you will be sure to find that you will have enough to last you for quite some time. It doesn't get much better than these!

Certified Kosher Candy

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