Milk Chocolate Crayons Boxes - 24ct

  • $162.99

Premium milk chocolate crayons with 5 different colors foil!

Price per box: $6.79

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Product Details

You won't have to worry about your little ones coloring on the walls with these Chocolate Crayon Boxes. That's because they'll be too busy unwrapping, indulging, and devouring them to even think about an impromptu artistic experience.

If your little ones love art class and drawing, then surprise them with Chocolate Crayon Boxes. They make great additions to lunch boxes on the first day of school, can be given out to students if you're a doting teacher, or can be sold at a school function to raise money. Because of their adorable nature and deliciousness, these Chocolate Crayon Boxes can fill practically any candy need that you want them to.

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