Chocolate Color Drops by Color - 15lb

Chocolate Color Drops by Color - 15lb
  • $137.99

Colroful candy shell around chocolate gems!

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $9.20

Product Details

You hit the jackpot! Well, that's what you might think with this giant bulk order of Chocolate Gems in assorted colors. Coated in a crisp, candy shell and filled with savory, creamy chocolate, these little gems are similar to M&Ms at a fraction of the price.

Use them for a delicate and delicious centerpiece at a wedding. Keep them around as a color coordinated complement to any candy bar buffet. Even throw some into chocolate chip cookies for a colorful look. With this bulk bag of pick your own color, you can bury yourself in a chocolate wonderland for countless snacks to come.

SKU: K331004R

500 pieces per pound

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