Chocolate Coffee Mocha Beans - 5lb Bulk

  • $87.99

Delightful dark chocolate and coffee bean-shaped pieces with a rich mocha flavor, perfect for gift baskets or bulk displays.

298 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $17.60

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Behold! The sculptural masterpiece of the candy world. Commonly known as Chocolate Mocha Beans, we certainly think these espresso bean-shaped, mocha-flavored chocolates are some of the most beautiful and delicious works of art around.

Do you love coffee or want to make your next brunch a hit? Order some of these delectable mocha beans and set them out on a platter amongst your brunch dishes and French presses to amp up the charm and deliciousness. Or if you'd like to go a swankier route, try making espresso martinis and dropping a few of these Chocolate Mocha Beans in the bottom of the glass as a classy and yummy garnish.

SKU: F315794

298 pieces per pound

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