Chocolate and Multi Seed Covered Pretzels - 6lb

  • $72.99

Rainbow colored candy seeds on top of white chocolate-covered pretzels!

Price per pound: $12.17

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Product Details

This particular confection is all dolled up and ready to be gobbled up! That's because these amazing and beautiful Chocolate and Multiseed Covered Pretzels are packed with the sweet and salty flavor you crave. Have the best of both worlds every time you snack as you bite into the melty white chocolate, beautiful sprinkles, and crunch down on a salty pretzel.

If we have one treat that's absolutely addictive, it's definitely this one. If you love chocolate covered pretzels and the look of these gorgeous confections, then bring some home today! You can decorate baked goods with them or just enjoy them as a snack when a sweet tooth strikes.

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