Chocolate Poker Chip Mesh Bags - 30ct Tub

Chocolate Poker Chip Mesh Bags - 30ct Tub
  • $63.99

30 tub per bags

Price per bag: $2.13

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Jackpot! You've struck it rich with our huge supply of delicious and fun Chocolate Poker Chip Mesh Bags. Are you the gambling type? Want to host a more delicious poker night with friends? Just feeling lucky with trying a new and yummy candy like this? Well, whatever your reasoning may be for ordering yourself some of these Chocolate Poker Chip Mesh Bags, you won't regret it!

In every little mesh bag, you'll find a chocolate wrapped candy in foil that's designed to look just like a poker chip. So you'll feel like a winner as soon as you break open a bag and start chowing down. Play a friendlier and more delicious game of poker with friends so you can divvy up the nightly spoils and all leave feeling like you made it big.

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30 tub per bags

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