Chocolate Sports Balls Tub - 36ct

Chocolate Sports Balls Tub - 36ct
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These tasty chocolates are wrapped in intricate foils to make them look like golf balls, soccer balls, footballs and baseballs. If you're a person who loves sports and chocolate, then this Chocolate Sports Balls Tub really knocks it out of the park in fun and flavor.

Get ready for a birthday party, soccer game event, beginning of baseball season or Super Bowl with a Chocolate Sports Balls Tub. Since they're individually wrapped, they make a great candy-date (see what we did there?) for a candy jar or dish around the house. This way, your family and friends can come and help themselves whenever they wish!

Fore! Touchdown! Gooooooal! Homerun! You can shout all of these famous sports sayings when you open one of our incredible Chocolate Sports Balls Tubs.

SKU: K327908

Flavor List

Golf Balls, Baseballs, Basketballs or Soccer Balls.

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