Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Mix - 5lb

  • $52.99

Plant a seed of deliciousness in your mouth!

2640 seeds per pound (13200 total)

Price per pound: $10.60

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Product Details

Mother Nature is a great cook! Especially when she covers her confections in chocolate. These Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candies will plant a seed of deliciousness in your mouth every time you snack.

Devour some of these melty milk chocolate covered sunflower seeds to celebrate the summer solstice, add some to the dessert table at a backyard BBQ for some extra deliciousness, use them for a formal black tie affair, or even use a bowlful for a Thanksgiving dinner. These nutritious and chocolatey nuts can do it all. Their options are endless, but we're sure you'll find a way to reap the benefits of this amazing chocolate seed.

SKU: K334979

2640 seeds per pound (13200 total)

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