Chocolate and Toffee Covered Pretzels - 6lb

  • $89.99

Crunchy preztels drenched in milk chocolate and covered with bits off buttery toffee!

16 pretzels per pound

Price per pound: $15.00

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Product Details

There are some combinations that are winners because they combine so many great things that all people like and enjoy. Chocolate and Toffee Covered Pretzels are one of best conceived creations in the last fifty years. All people enjoy snacking on pretzels and adding chocolate would probably be enough for most people to fall in love but add to that a crunchy toffee coating and the resulting product is simply irresistible.

When organizing a party, one of the first invitations you send should be to this irresistible party treat. No matter what the occasion people will be enjoying your pretzels until they are gone. Fortunately these delicious treats can be purchased in a bulk bag which should keep hungry snackers engaged. When it comes to chocolate in combination with toffee perhaps it is smarter to get several bags, you never want to run out because any other snack is going to feel like a disappointment.

SKU: K333729

16 pretzels per pound

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