Christmas Candy Reindeer Corn - 10lb

Christmas Candy Reindeer Corn - 10lb
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Christmas candy corn offers a festive take on this classic fall candy. Each piece is triangle shaped, like a kernel of fresh corn. The wide end is bright red while the middle is green with a snowy white tip.

The chewy texture and sweet taste makes Christmas candy corn a fun confection for parties and gatherings. Use them to fill up Christmas party favors or add to cakes, cookies and cupcakes as a decoration. Kids will love snacking on these reindeer candy corns after school during the days leading up to the big holiday.

If you're looking for an affordable and elegant treat for baby shower and wedding favors, you'll love the look of these chewy candies! Schools and teachers can hand them out in the classroom or during holiday activities. Businesses can also save money and celebrate the season by incorporating Christmas candy corn into their service or an event!


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