Christmas Chocolate Balls - 5lb

Christmas Chocolate Balls - 5lb
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Price per pound: $8.60

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Once these Christmas Chocolate Balls are in the mail, you're going to feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! The excitement and anticipation to open the package will be entirely too much to bare! But once your Christmas Chocolate Balls arrive, you can start enjoying them right away, one after another, all through the holiday season.

These lovely and delicious Christmas Chocolate Balls are covered in decorative and festive Christmas-themed foil. Like tiny ornaments, they shine and reflect green, red, blue, gold and white and unwrap to reveal a delicious ball of milk chocolate. Stock up on some holiday cheer for Christmas by ordering a bulk bag of Christmas Chocolate Balls today!


Flavor List

Milk Chocolate or Crunchy Milk Chocolate.

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