Christmas Malt Balls - 10lb

Christmas Malt Balls - 10lb
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Price per pound: $8.60

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Celebrate your addiction to the most wonderful time of the year with a bulk order of Christmas Malt Balls! These red, green and speckled white malt balls will make you feel warm and bright on the inside and out. Spread the cheer you feel around the holiday season with friends and family by sharing these Christmas Malt Balls at home and on the go. Stuff some into a bag in your purse, fill candy dishes and add some to stockings. Soon, everyone will be wishing it was Christmas all year round!

Are you the type of person who walks into a Christmas store in the middle of July? Do you start singing Christmas carols the moment Thanksgiving dinner ends? If so, you might be suffering from Christmas-season mania. And we have the cure for you: Christmas Malt Balls!


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