Christmas Mix Jelly Belly

Christmas Mix Jelly Belly
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Our Jelly Belly Christmas mix contains an assortment of festive jelly beans chosen for their holiday colors. Each piece is round with the famous "Jelly Belly" logo printed in white. This wintry collection includes red apple, white coconut, green apple and red very cherry jelly beans.

Make Jelly Belly a part of your holiday traditions with this beautiful Christmas mix! The assortment presents a collection of classic colors that look stunning when poured into a glass candy jar or dish. Save them for guests who stop by or serve them at a party. Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans are also a popular choice for Christmas party favors.

Let the kids enjoy the great fruit taste of these bite-sized snacks or create a delicious gourmet gift basket for teachers, neighbors and coworkers. Remember to order plenty of extra Jelly Belly Christmas jellybeans so you have some to eat on New Year's Eve!


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