Christmas Starzmania - 5lb

Christmas Starzmania - 5lb
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Festive and delicious, our Christmas Starzmania candy is a wonderful treat to enjoy and share over the holidays. This seasonal favorite features a classic dextrose candy with a touch of tartness that's coated in a smooth candy shell.

The luxurious texture gives each piece a glorious shine that complements the five point star shape. Christmas Starzmania features an assortment of green, red and white star shaped candies. This unique confection is very versatile. Use it to fill Christmas party favors or winter wedding favors. They also make eye-catching decorations for cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods.

Our bulk Christmas star candy pack gives you many pieces so you have plenty to eat, share or use for holiday crafts and baking projects. Pour into a glass dish or candy jar to serve guests or hide away in the pantry as a quick and easy sweet treat when you're craving something festive!


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