Chunky Bars Giant Size Candy Nestle - 12ct

Chunky Bars Giant Size Candy Nestle - 12ct
  • $47.99

Treat yourself to an extra-large Nestlé Chunky Bar, made with milk chocolate, peanuts and raisins, in a classic silver wrapper and tear-away top display box.

4.25 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $4.00

Product Details

Why settle for the regular size when you can have a giant Nestle Chunky candy bar? Our oversized candy bars are a great choice whether you're a serious chocolate lover or want to find the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

Nestle Chunky bars include a unique trapezoid shape that includes rich milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and California raisins. Few candy bars are as rich as this silver foil wrapped favorite. Our giant Nestle Chunky bar gives you more ways to enjoy or share your favorite candy. Offer a piece to friends at lunch time or get multiple snack sessions out of one bar.

A giant Nestle Chunky is also an excellent gift for friends and family. Add one to an Easter basket, surprise someone with a chocolate stocking stuffer or use as a prize or reward at school activities and community events. Anytime is the perfect time to share the delectable taste of a giant Nestle Chunky candy bar!

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4.25 ounces per bar

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