Chupa Chups Creamosa Lollipops - 20ct

Chupa Chups Creamosa Lollipops - 20ct
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Strawberries and cream lollipops!

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Strawberries and cream lollipops. Such a luscious combination. Lucky for you, you don't have to wait until the summertime to enjoy this tasty, sun-ripened treat! With our Chupa Chups Creamosa Lollipops, chow down on a bright pink and white swirl of raspberry and cream flavor whenever you wish.

If you're having a back yard BBQ or a pool party, set some Chupa Chups Creamosa Lollipops out for your guests to enjoy. It's not every day that people come across a lollipop that's as yummy as it is lovely, so surprise every guest who comes over. You can also wrap these up in gift baskets or keep them around the house as rewards for completed chores and homework.

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